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Our technology understands the nuances of contract language and it can quickly read your contracts to understand if there are risks of which you need to be aware.

Unlike other solutions, Akorda technology isn’t rule based; it uses the power of the cloud, big data, and our artificial intelligence to analyze and risk score each contract. It not only uses the contract itself, but also incorporates your legal playbook, your what you’ve done before, and market standards to provide you with the most effective results. And best of all, it’s continually learning and improving itself.

What are you doing to speed your contract review? Discover how to accelerate your deals with Akorda technology.

Understanding the 
impact of redlines

Not all changes are created equal. To understand changes, Akorda has created a patent-pending technology to map the “legal genome” of changes to clauses. Some things we look at:

  •  Structural analysis of contract terms compared to market or enterprise standards
  • Semantic analysis of language used to express obligations, restrictions, or rights
  • Word analysis of key business terms, such as numbers, amounts, dates, time periods, names, and places

Context is 

Does the contract have all terms required to protect your interests? Is it missing key terms? Does it diverge from market or company standards?

Contract terms can not be evaluated in a vacuum. The terms of any agreement need to be considered as a whole and relative to the deal at hand.

Our AI researches and cross-references clauses at speeds faster than any human can, reducing the time of every review and adding value to every deal.


Interpreting contract language… 
the “legalese”

  • Customized legal language model built using intellectual property developed over 20 years
  • Client-specific language models trained using content from prior contracts to learn the specifics of your terminology.
  • Language models provide the basis for additional neural network-based contract analytics

Identifying the important things

  • Similarity: Akorda uses advanced technologies to construct probabilistic models using machine learning features to classify contract terms and measure similarity
  • Criticality: Akorda measures criticality using natural language processing to to understand the linguistic context (and significance) of words

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