Close deals faster.

Get better terms. Protect your interests.

Contracts are often slowed by uncertainty. Do you have the best terms to maximize value and mitigate risks?

Eliminate doubt. Get to agreement faster using smart technology that identifies potential areas of risks and offers pre-approved fallback terms and language from previously approved agreements.

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decision making

  • Workflow to access fallbacks and prior language
  • Learns and adapts from how you work
  • Contract portfolio visibility shows what speeds-up and what holds-up agreements

risk analysis

  • AI identifies each term that diverges from your standard
  • Substantive changes are categorized as high, medium, and low risk to prioritize review
  • Context-driven solutions provided to accelerate negotiation


  • Collect, track and audit internal approvals for term changes
  • Enforce approval controls for key terms
  • Centralized version control adds visibility to document change history

Visibility into the final mile

  • Dashboard view of contracts pending on you, awaiting internal approval, or awaiting the counterparty
  • Understand estimated resolution times for key negotiated
  • Know the likelihood of getting to signature by end-of-

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