We believe everyone should be able to read contracts.

Contracts are business instruments. They allow for businesses to form relationships with other businesses for the benefit of both parties. But somewhere along the way, the legal system began to add more and more legal jargon to our agreements. And these agreements became more and more complex and hard to understand. No longer could the business enter into an agreement with another without the need for lawyers to get involved on both sides.

We believe that businesses should be able to contract with one another easily, quickly, and confidently without the need for a complicated and opaque legal negotiation process. With the technology and data we have today, the possibility of establishing standards when entering into a business contract is possible. We at Akorda are committed to helping us all get there. It makes no sense to have thousands of different variations of a clause to achieve the same result. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can surface the market standards for legal language and make it open and transparent for all. Business will finally know they are entering into fair and balance agreement and/or know what additional risk they are taking on with clarity and precision because they will have the data.

But we cannot do this alone. This brave new world of business requires help from all of you as well. It will require contributions of data, thought, debate and iteration. Are you ready to be part of the solution? Join our movement and we will include you in all our initiatives to build this better world for all!

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