Next generation
legal AI

Akorda helps enterprises by expediting the legal review of their contracts.

We get you through the redlining process as fast as possible so you can reduce contracting cycle times and close deals faster.

Faster deals. Reduced risk.


Akorda allows a legal department to view contracts through a common lens and manage risk consistently across a portfolio of contracts.

Vice President

Akorda helps sales leaders get deals completed faster, and offers visibility into the final mile, when contracts are with legal.


Akorda reduces the legal department’s cost to review contracts by creating efficiencies in the review process.

Artificial intelligence identifies contract issues and proposes resolutions

Akorda expedites the contract review process. It tracks and monitors all revisions. Each change is scored for important issues and risks.

Solutions are recommended from pre-approved fallbacks and previously agreed to terms. It also allows for approvals to be tracked and audited straight through the platform.

revenue faster

Get to signature sooner; reduce value leakage across all your contracts

Set standards,
ensure compliance

Apply a consistent, systematic approach 
to contract terms; ensure compliance 
with your playbooks

Do more,
with less

Optimize your contract portfolios; reduce the time and cost of negotiating agreements

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